Trojan Phlyers – fly the flag for Trig

August 5, 2020

Trig Avionics has been part of a rare glimpse of aviation sunshine, in a coronavirus restricted sky.

The T-28 Trojan Phlyers, Flight Demonstration Team recently flew at the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Air Show, Texas. Most of the show audience were watching from boats on the lake, so social distancing rules were maintained. Sporting their Trig logos, both T-28 warbirds operate with Trig Mode S, ADS-B Out equipment, and Trig compact radios. These rugged avionics are well suited for aerobatic use, as pilots Chip Lamb and Robert Johnson performed their high energy air display above admiring onlookers.

The Trojan Phlyers display includes aileron rolls, slow rolls, barrel rolls and maneuvers, such as the Immelmann turn and Split S. The piloting skill involved in executing these graceful formation aerobatics is remarkable. Each vintage warbird weighs over 3.2 tons and flies at speeds in excess of 380mph, so energy management and meticulous airmanship are crucial.

Each vintage warbird weighs over 3.2 tons and flies at speeds in excess of 380mph

Whilst the Trojan Phlyers full season has been cut short by corona, they still rely on their TT22 transponders and TN72 GPS to be ADS-B Out equipped. These avionics permit access through ADS-B airspace and improve aircraft visibility and safety. Each T-28 is also fitted with a TY91 radio, vital for both pilots. Wingman Robert relies on Chip’s prompt radio cues and formation commands to execute a stunning but safe display.

The Cedar Creek Lake venue posed additional challenges for the flight. Team leader Chip explained, “There are extra difficulties and risks involved with flying overwater at aerial events. Water, more specifically, very calm water, causes depth perception problems and since we are flying close to the surface there is a risk that a small depth perception problem could place the pilot and the aircraft at risk. Additionally, when flying overwater an engine failure or fire might require an immediate landing into the water, so we wear life preservers.”

General aviation pilots can experience the same benefits as the Trojan Phlyers.

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Whilst this could be the team’s last show this season, they maintain their premium position as one of the most polished and popular warbird teams.

Trig is also grateful to photographer Gary Daniels who captured the team in action above Cedar Creek Lake (