UK CAA – Conspicuity Scheme – claim your rebate

October 5, 2020

Last year the CAA / NATS published a significant Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC Y 141/2019).

This AIC encouraged UK pilots to install Mode S 1090ES transponders and certified ADS-B Out technology. The UK Civil Aviation Authority states that this is the preferred technology for Electronic Conspicuity.

Mode S and ADS-B Out has genuine safety benefits – for both pilots and passengers. Around the world Trig’s certified 1090 based transponder technology is the bed rock of GA surveillance. Certified ADS-B Out improves visibility and reduces the risk of air-air collision.

Today sees the launch of the UK Conspicuity Rebate Scheme. This provides money to UK pilots to install Electronic Conspicuity equipment. A rebate of up to £ 250 is available to reduce the cost to a pilot in purchasing a Trig Mode S transponder, or a Trig TN72 GPS Position Source. The Conspicuity Rebate Scheme is funded by the UK Department for Transport in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority.

This is an exciting way to help aircraft owners make the jump to Mode S and ADS-B Out. Existing Trig transponder customers can also make the step up, becoming ADS-B Out equipped by adding a TN72 GPS Position Source to their existing Mode S transponder.

As money is available for each qualified pilot, this has the potential to be ideal for pilots of a syndicate aircraft. One pilot syndicate member could save £ 250 against a TT21 transponder purchase, another syndicate member could save £ 250 against a TN72 GPS – a combined potential saving of £500!

Trig Avionics has published a useful newsletter – click to download our Pilot Technical Brief PDF newsletter to help inform pilots about the scheme.

(Note added 18/08/2021)  The Conspicuity Rebate Scheme has now been extended into 2022 – or until funds run out.


Further details about the scheme are available via the UK CAA web site.